Candace Weimer

After surviving cancer six years ago, Candace decided to write a book about surviving unbelievable times—while blessed with cancer.  She wanted to give both cancer survivors and their caregivers something to read that was simple, humourous and most importantly, real. The finished product was not a theory, rather a real-life drama with photos and not-so-artistic illustrated drawings of her near death cancer adventure.

The book When the World Dropped in on Me is specifically written to give readers hope when unexpected situations drop into their lives, whether it’s cancer or something much worse. She hopes to inspire others to take a good, long look at their personal attitude, and how they choose to react to life’s challenges and opportunities.

Candace was born and raised in the small town of Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada, and currently resides in beautiful British Columbia alongside a lake that is also home to a variety of loons (as in birds).

Candace Weimer continues to be an active single mother of one son, who was her motivation to survive her illness. Her goal was to be a healthy mother at his high school graduation, and was thrilled when this became her reality. Her four nieces whom she spoils with hugs, a listening ear, good stories, and Tim Hortons Timbits also know her as “Aunty Candy”.

She has been an avid community supporter, and along with volunteering her time for a variety of organizations, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, reading, healthy cooking and giggling with friends and family.