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Hello Candace,
I am a daughter of your friends.
They gave me your book for Christmas. It was inspirational and insightful,
thank you for sharing. I am always intrigued about people’s cancer journeys as
every single one is so different.  As tough and sometimes horrible a cancer
journey is, I think a lot of people get to find out and realize how strong they
really are.

I have been doing well.  My brain tumour is still stable and
low-grade [diagnosed in 2006 with an inoperable brain stem tumour], it’s just a
silent passenger I have to live with.  My husband and are [now] living in Nova
Scotia.  Life is good.  I recently got hired for one of my dream jobs, since the
tumour prevents me from being a firefighter.

But I just wanted to say hi,
and thanks.

Cheers, Christina

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada:   —->

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