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My name is Kyla McMullin.
I felt compelled to write to you
after finishing your book last night.
Like you, the world dropped in on me
this year.  I gave birth to my first baby, the most beautiful baby girl you
could imagine,  on February 21st of this year.  3 days later, I was diagnosed
with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  With a few ups and downs, 1 cesarean, 3 surgeries, a
melanoma scare, serious infection (including 1 week in isolation away from my
newborn), I have been successfully done treatment as of Sept 19th, and I am
completely inspired to live a new life.

Like you, I documented my
journey in the form of a journal/blog, and im in the process of hopefully having
it published, for the same reasons you published your book.  To give back, and
to give HOPE.  I did not start reading your book, until my journey was complete
(so far so good).  I am so glad I waited, because I read your story with such
honor for how you handled your situation, and I feel that although our journeys
were very different, we handled each situation in a positive light.  And within
your inspiring words, I could still hear the silent fear and ache in your
deepest thoughts (or perhaps I was just feeling this for myselft).  Regardless,
your book was very valuable to me, and I want you to know that you are paying it
forward, so thank you.

I specifically enjoyed your section about using
humour (not everyone can understand this).  I specifically remember standing in
line at Costco on a Saturday, as patiently as any person can be at Costco.  I
was rocking a pink scarf on my head, and amongst the stares, I kept thinking to
myself “can’t these people tell that my days are numbered!!”  A bad joke indeed,
but humour brought much light to my situation.  I find it easiest to laugh at
things that hurt the most…it truly helps.

Candace, I really wanted to
email you just to say thank you.  As I am beginning what I feel to be the most
difficult part of the cancer journey so far, treatment is done, and I am
sporting the new hair of a twelve year old boy…I am so thankful for all of the
blessings I have recieved in the last year, but I am trying to piece life back
together, in a different way it seems.  The hard part, having changed so much
and perhaps not feeling the same change from those closest to me (not sure if
you went through this).  I know I am only able to control my life, but I
struggle to re-enter an unchanged world after having all of what is truly
important exposed to me on the deepest levels (and I am still suprised at just
how simple it is).
So again, that is why I just wanted to tell you

And hopefully one day you can read my book
(I believe it is meant to be), and you will allow me the honour to pay it
forward as well.

Kyla McMullin

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