Candace Weimer
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  • November7th

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    “It was a pleasure to have met you today. I wished that we had more time to share. Thank you for giving me your book. I started reading it this afternoon and couldn’t put it down-just finished reading it. So many emotions fill me now that I have to let them simmer before saying anything more except to express my admiration to you for your significant contribution to those who need a reason to maintain hope during their journey with cancer.”David Popkin, MD  (Retired),
    Previous Vice-President and Senior Medical Officer, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

  • November1st

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    Candace being interviewed by Jeff Rogstad on the CTV News at Noon show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


  • October23rd

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    I didn’t cry alot when I got sick but the one time when I felt “safe” to do it. I was with my dogs, my oldest setter Zena and Aire my youngest girl. I just laid on the floor crying, no I was sobbing, Aire curled right up against me and Zena well you could tell that she was confused. The only thing she did was take her paw (and she has big paws) and smack me in the head. I started laughing and at that moment I decided that I would enjoy every moment of this journey.”  Monica, Regina, SK, CANADA

  • September18th

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    I appreciated your candor and your humour. A very good friend of mine underwent a stem cell transplant but he did not survive the GVHD and passed away in May this year.   I could so relate though  to your experiences since I had closely followed my friend’s journey.  I currently have stage 4 breast cancer metastases in the lung, liver  and bone and I could also relate to your journal entries as I think I’ve experienced most of the same feelings and questions. Your experience and your book are inspiring Candace and it’s given me newfound encouragement to continue on, one day at a time, and hope that I, too, can surmount this disease.  I’m glad you never gave up.”  Hazel Gillespie, Calgary

  • August23rd

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    Coming off the heels of hard work, and jubilation of losing 150 lbs, nine months ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare sarcoma called:  Epitheliod Hemangioendothelioma.  Only one in four people are diagnosed with this cancer  per year in B.C.  It is incurable and inoperable.  the celebrity out there with this same cancer is Kris Carr, who is writing and publishing some amazing books!

    I enjoyed your book because it dealt with the emotions one feels towards EVERYTHING.  Family, friends, coworkers – all well meaning, just don’t get cancer or disease.  The days when you barely want to tallk to anyone, the depression, let alone not wanting to get out of bed…all emotions that you portrayed so honestly. 

    I wanted to thank you for this book, as it has inspired me.”  Trace, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

    Epitheliod Hemangioendothelioma

  • EHE is a rare vascular tumor that arises from the lining of blood vessels.
  • It can appear anywhere in the body, but common sites are the liver, lungs and bones.
  • The cause is currently unknown.
  • The tumor behaves differently in different people.
    • Some are stable for years.
    • Some go away without treatment.
    • Some grow rapidly, spread and can even be fatal.
  • August16th

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    After I read your book, I chose to donate it to Saskatoon’s Hope Cancer Help Centre library, so you can be an inspiration to others.”  Shelley Froese, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

    Saskatoon, SK, Hope Cancer Help Centre   ->

  • July18th

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  • July12th

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